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About the NGO


We welcome you to the Dünya/Faravahar NGO - Social, Cultural & Environmental Responsibility, a beacon of hope on the global humanitarian stage. Our organization, led by Thamires Pouseiro, is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in turning interrupted dreams into tangible reality.

Our Mission

At Dünya Faravahar, our primary mission transcends borders. We are committed to promoting cultural diversity and the inclusion of Caiçara, indigenous, quilombola, refugee communities, and, in particular, families, women, and children from Islamic nations. Our aim is to provide real opportunities for those facing unique challenges.

Our Pillars of Activity

  1. Cultural Diversity: We recognize that the richness of cultural diversity is the foundation of inclusion. We seek talents from all cultural backgrounds.

  2. Community Inclusion: Our commitment embraces Caiçara, indigenous, quilombola, refugee, and Islamic families. Respect and integration are our core values.

  3. Support for Post-War Reconstruction: Working in post-conflict scenarios requires sensitivity and effectiveness. We collaborate with humanitarian agencies and governments to provide targeted assistance.

  4. Artistic and Artisanal Expressions: We value diverse talents regardless of their origin.

  5. Family Farming and Sustainability: We promote sustainable agricultural practices, contributing to environmental and social well-being.

  6. Literature Dissemination: We ensure access to and sharing of literary works from diverse origins.

  7. Combating Xenophobia and Personal Growth: Our culture is based on respect, inclusion, and educational development.

  8. Support for Refugee Families: We provide comprehensive support to refugee families from Islamic nations, assisting in building new beginnings.

Inaugural Projects

Our journey begins with the inaugural project "Paulinho Uda no Hanami - The Literary Capsule." This exciting project aims to transform the educational experience in schools by promoting reading in a unique and engaging way. The "Literary Capsule" will house "The Kodamas," an inspiring work written by Paulinho Uda.











A Real World, Not Just a Dream

At the Dünya/Faravahar NGO, we take pride in being more than a mere concept. We are the realization of an interrupted dream, the dream of Ali and Aline. Our team, led by Thamires Pouseiro, with passion, hard work, resilience, and determination, is designing a village for refugees. This will be a beacon of hope for those seeking a new opportunity in life.

Our work is a tangible reality, and our dedication is evident. We are committed to providing real opportunities and building a more inclusive and respectful world. Join us on this journey of positive impact.


"Dunya Faravahar" یک خانواده متعهد به ساختن جهانی بیشتر متضمن و همدل است، که اولویت ما در اینجاست: ارائه خدمات استقبال انسانی. دفتر ما در خیابان پلیس، به عنوان یک فضای گرم عمل می‌کند که در آن به مهاجران و پناهندگان ارائه مشاوره رایگان برای اخذ اسناد ضروری برزیلی می‌پردازیم. پروژه ما با نام "پ.ودا در هانامی"، تعهد ما به استقبال، هدایت و کمک به کسانی که با چالش‌های منحصر به فردی روبرو هستند را منعکس می‌کند. پیشرفت ما از حد کلمات خارج می‌شود و برای ایجاد فرصت‌های واقعی و ساخت یک آینده مهربان و مساوی برای همه، عمل می‌کنیم. در این سفر انسانی با ما همراه شوید.

Make a difference in the world.Help us!

Today, we are making an urgent appeal to your generosity and solidarity to continue our mission of humanitarian and business support. What we do goes beyond words and requires vital financial resources to keep our doors open and our activities running.

Every donation we receive is essential to cover our rent, transportation costs, and to provide legal assistance and business consultancy to individuals and communities in need. From buying clothes, basic hygiene items to delivering food to underprivileged families, our work spans a variety of critical areas.

But here's the undeniable truth: the demand for our services keeps on growing. Many turn to us for help, and we simply don't have the resources to assist everyone on our own. Countless individuals rely on the support we offer, and your contribution makes all the difference.

Every penny you donate is a ray of hope for those facing unimaginable challenges. Our operational costs are substantial, but our commitment to making a difference in people's lives is even greater.

Dünya Faravahar (our NGO) is more than an organization; we are a community of individuals committed to a common goal: making the world a better place. For this, we rely on the support of incredible people like you.

Help us continue our journey and extend a helping hand to those who need it most. Your donation isn't just financial; it's an act of compassion, an expression of empathy, and a demonstration of solidarity.


Branch: 0001
Current Account: 4365189-4
Institution: 403 - Cora SCD
Company Name: Dünya Faravahar - Social, Cultural & Environmental Responsibility
CNPJ: 52.500.587/0001-00

Branch: 0001
Account: 2010407-5
Institution: 403 - Cora SCD
Company Name: Dünya Tactical LTDA.
CNPJ: 17.789.590/0001-86

Remember, even small donations have a significant impact. Your generosity not only keeps our activities running but also provides hope and support to countless individuals during their most challenging times.

Join us on this journey, and together we can make a difference. Thank you for being part of our community and for making the world a more compassionate and inclusive place.

With gratitude,

For donations to "Dünya Tactical LTDA" to help us keepour commercial facilities active, please donate to:

To make your donation and support our efforts, please use the following bank details:For donations to Dünya Faravahar- Social, Cultural & Environmental Responsibility, and to help us feed and shelter people from the Middle East,support us by donating what you can to our NGOthrough the account:

The Dünya Tactical & Dünya Faravahar Team

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