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"Strengthening International Relations and Valuing Iran"

                                                                                                              "In Memory of Ali and Aline".


















Subtitle: Entrepreneurship with Passion to Expand Iran's Horizons.

In this article, we present the inspiring journey of Thamires Pouseiro, a talented entrepreneur of Euro-Brazilian origin and the founder of Dünya Tactical LTDA for over a decade. Her mission is to establish connections between Brazil and Iran, promoting customized and exclusive projects for foreign investors in the sectors of agribusiness, culture, sports, and music. Thamires is a determined woman whose entrepreneurial vision has gained recognition in the business world.

Thamires's story is marked by enriching experiences and overcome challenges. For nearly a decade, she lived in various countries such as Japan, the Philippines, Turkey, and Austria, acquiring knowledge and expanding her global perspective on business. This multicultural experience has provided her with fluency in multiple languages and a broad understanding of political and social sciences and international relations.

Born into a Euro-Brazilian family, Thamires carries a heritage of solid education and ingrained values. Her family lineage is notable for its strength and integrity.

In addition to being a dedicated mother, Thamires has two precious daughters in her life. Motherhood has shaped her perspective and reinforced her commitment to building a better world for future generations, especially for children and families facing challenges in Brazil.

However, it is her deep admiration and respect for Iran that stand out. Thamires carries the "Faravahar," a sacred symbol of the country, as a constant reminder of her regard for Iranian culture and history. Her goal is to demystify the negative conceptions that many people have about the country, working to eliminate stereotypes and promote a more authentic and positive image of Iran wherever she goes.

Thamires firmly believes that relations between countries should be built on mutual respect and cooperation. While she could have sought a government position to facilitate connections between Brazil and Iran, she chose to forge ahead on her own, step by step, remaining true to her principles and values.

Through Dünya, Thamires plays a fundamental role in creating and developing projects for foreign investors interested in the Brazilian market. The company is recognized for its documentary expertise and its ability to open personalized doors for each sector and individual. At the forefront, Thamires develops projects in a customized manner, accompanying them from conception to final delivery. Throughout her career, she has already created over 50 companies from scratch for individuals of Muslim origin.

It is worth noting that Dünya operates in compliance with Brazilian laws, adhering to all legal, juridical, and registration regulations. Law No. 12,529, enacted on November 30, 2011, ensures the right to existence and commercial activity of the company, as well as the right of any entrepreneur wishing to utilize its services.

Thamires Pouseiro is an extraordinary woman whose main objective is to establish strong and lasting bonds between Brazil and Iran. Her determination to build bridges and demystify negative ideas about the country is a source of inspiration for all of us. At the heart of this endeavor, however, lies a story of friendship and the desire to honor the memory of "Ali and Aline," an intimate couple of friends.

Ali (22-year-old Iranian) and Aline (18-year-old Japanese-Brazilian) shared a common dream: "To show the world the positive side of Iran." They aspired to create a company capable of demystifying the negative conceptions associated with the country by the United States

 and valuing its culture and potential through honest, integral, and common work wherever they went. Driven by this passion, they shared this dream with Thamires during their stay in Japan, where they met.

Unfortunately, the story took a tragic turn when Ali (belonging to a traditional Iranian family) discovered that Aline was pregnant with his child. Faced with cultural pressure and the desire to form a family with Aline outside of an arranged marriage, *which is common in his country, Ali decided to return to Iran and take responsibility for the Brazilian family. However, upon arriving there, he fell victim to a murder, leaving Aline in deep anguish. Unable to bear the loss of her beloved and facing an uncertain future in Japan, Aline, in an act of desperation, took her own life.

Thamires, with her responsibility and care, took the lead in organizing the cremation of Aline's body and receiving Ali's remains. In a gesture of deep respect and love, she chose to scatter the ashes of both in the sea of Jericoacoara, the place where the couple dreamed of building their life and starting a family.

This tragic experience deeply shook Thamires, who decided to honor the memory of her friends and fulfill the dream they shared alone, by building a secure bridge for those who wish to venture or migrate safely. With determination and courage, she returned to Brazil to create Dünya, the company that would carry on the desire of "Ali and Aline": to show the positive side of Iran and help the Iranian population be valued beyond borders, regardless of the obstacles faced with dignity.

Thamires fought bravely to find her place in the sun, overcoming obstacles and challenges. Her goal evolved into creating a platform that would assist the Iranian population in studying, migrating, and having their country recognized internationally through the eyes of foreigners. With passion and commitment, she built Dünya as a legacy in memory of her friends, seeking to honor their dreams and visions with respect.

Through Dünya, Thamires tirelessly works to offer opportunities and support to those who wish to explore new horizons and value Iran on a global scale. Her struggle is for a country that is recognized not only for its cultural richness but also for its achievements and contributions to the world. Over the years, people from Iran have sought out Dünya as a cry for support, to share experiences, seek help, or collaborate with positive information about a "good" Iran.

Thamires Pouseiro is a true visionary, a woman who turned the pain of loss into motivation to build something greater. Her dedication to Dünya and her mission to help the Iranian population have a voice and recognition is inspiring. She proves that with determination and perseverance, it is possible to transform tragedies into strength and create a lasting positive impact.

May the story of Thamires Pouseiro and the journey of Dünya inspire us to fight for our dreams and value and celebrate the cultural diversity that enriches our world. Through Dünya, she continues her journey, ensuring freedom and preventing tragedies like Ali and Aline's story from recurring.

It is important to note that Thamires maintains a non-interference stance in government affairs, avoiding conflicts and not getting involved with dishonest people. Everyone she has had the privilege of working with and getting to know shares a deep pride in their Iranian heritage and actively desires to expand opportunities in their home country rather than seeking to escape from it.

Thamires has the ability to guide and organize people, turning dreams into projects and projects into real companies. Her entrepreneurial approach and unwavering dedication allow her to materialize the aspirations and visions of those she collaborates with, driving both individual and collective development and progress.

Her ethical commitment and professional conduct are the solid foundation of her journey and reflect her integrity and respect for Iran and its population. Thamires stands out as a visionary leader actively seeking to build bridges between nations, promote the appreciation of Iranian culture, and drive economic and social development in the country.

Other relevant information about Thamires Pouseiro

Thamires Pouseiro, a 35-year-old woman, was born on 10/03/1987 in Iguatemi, Mato Grosso do Sul, and has Euro-Brazilian ancestry. She currently resides in São Paulo, the capital city of Brazil. Her family background is diverse, with a father of Portuguese origin and a mother of Austro-Brazilian origin.

In addition to being a mother of two daughters, Thamires is also a blood donor, demonstrating

 her solidarity and commitment to helping others. She has a dream of having a third and final child, who will have Iranian ancestry.

In addition to her involvement with Dünya Tactical, Thamires also serves as a mentor in projects such as Dünya: HostelRoça, YellowHouse, and Dünya-Sp, all focused on business tourism. These projects aim to promote ecological tourism and hospitality initiatives through Airbnb, with the goal of driving sustainability and responsible tourism. Additionally, Thamires also directs individuals from the Muslim community who are seeking employment opportunities, providing random job opportunities.

We firmly believes that, in the name of God, Brazilians, Iranians, and Muslims around the world can coexist in harmony, fostering mutual respect and equality through righteous, consistent, and dignified work. As the founder of Dünya, she envisions a world that adheres to both divine teachings and the laws of humanity.

Drawing inspiration from the sacred texts of Islam and Christianity, Thamires understands the calling to support and nurture projects, individuals, and companies like Dünya. These principles resonate deeply within her, guiding her path towards fulfilling a divine purpose.

May God bless the journey of Thamires, Dünya, and all those who share their commitment to honoring God. As the Quran states, "God loves those who act with righteousness and constancy" (Quran 3:134), and the Holy Bible teaches us to "Honor the Lord with your wealth" (Proverbs 3:9). With unity and humility, Thamires and her team aspire to exemplify these values, becoming beacons of conduct and faith to those they encounter.

Looking ahead to the near future, let us draw strength from these sacred words and come together as men and women, rulers and citizens, to forge a society that champions equality, mutual respect, and support for working women. Dünya stands committed to upholding ethical conduct, guided by the principles outlined in the Quran and the laws of Iran.

With unwavering faith and a steadfast belief in the power of righteous action, Thamires Pouseiro and Dünya invite you to join them on this transformative journey towards a better world—a world where divine teachings and human laws merge harmoniously, and the collective pursuit of justice and fairness reigns supreme.

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