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- Dear supporters and dedicated members of Dünya Faravahar and Dünya Tactical,After careful consideration of the current situation and the challenges we face in the absence of official government support and other federal agencies, we have made the decision to temporarily pause our activities for a period of six months.

This decision has been made with the safety and integrity of our team and the individuals we serve in mind. Our priority is to structure our project in a safer manner to ensure that we are not associated, confused, or held responsible for the current chaos and overcrowding that exposes children, women, and innocents to various risks.

We are gathering our selected team, providing training, and equipping them to ensure that when we resume activities, we are 100% prepared to execute our project effectively and responsibly.

This decision reflects our commitment to respect for Muslims facing abandonment on the airport floor and our determination to prevent our humanitarian efforts from being exploited by malicious individuals for illicit activities such as human and drug trafficking.

We want to emphasize that we, at Dünya Faravahar, do not condone anything other than welcoming and supporting people facing vulnerability.

We remain firmly committed to our humanitarian mission and eagerly await the moment when we can resume our activities and continue making a difference in the lives of those most in need.We greatly appreciate your continued support and understanding during this pause period.

We are available for any further clarifications and will continue to keep you informed about our next steps.

With respect and gratitude,

Dünya Faravahar and Dünya Tactical

Important Humanitarian Update...

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